Ozone is our air circulation unit that turns populated germ filled air into clean fresh air with the UVC germicidal light inside the unit. This is not an air-conditioning unit, it kills all airborne viruses and germs while circulating the air in the room. The unit will circulate 10 000 cubic inch of air per hour. It is able to circulate a room of about 25-30m2 every hour.

This unit operates at a very low noise level and effectively disinfects your classroom, office, gym, police station, doctors room, hospital waiting areas. We designed this unit for use at low airflow, in populated areas.

Efficient use to circulate uninterrupted when populated
Service interval around 9000 hours / 1 year.


  • • Ceiling mount
  • • 30 Watt UVC germicidal light
  • • Energy efficient
  • • Remote operation – Optional
  • • Timer – Optional