Is UVC safe for human exposure?

Over exposure to UVC can cause damage to human skin. Only our walk thru unit exposes humans to come in direct contact with UVC light, but this unit is designed to specifications that are not dangerous but still eliminates viruses successfully.

Can I proceed through the unit if I do not have glasses on? Will it affect my eyes?

Yes you can. Because UVC can’t go through any normal clear materials such as glass or plastics, sunglasses etc. is an extra safety precaution against the possibility to get snow blindness or welder’s eye. In the case of it happening where a person do get excessive exposure to the eyes, it will clear up in not more than 24 hours
thereafter. It is recommended to wear UV protective glasses or not look directly into the light when entering our walk thru unit.

How effective is UVC in killing germs?

The technology is used around the world in hospitals and has successfully been used in the purification of drinking water. Studies have proven that this technology will eradicate 99% of all germ level DNA at the appropriate dosage within seconds. Studies are currently being conducted in the disinfection of busses and passenger aircraft in China after the outbreak of COVID-19.

How often should the hotel/lodge be disinfected with the Passage cleaner?

Every night after hours is strongly recommended. Viruses, such as COVID-19, remain on surfaces for several days. An outbreak of a virus could result in a shutdown of the facility or business.

Should I use other disinfectants?

Our highly advanced products will eliminate germs and viruses with an efficiency of 99.99%. However, and affected person can still enter the school and infect others. We strongly recommend the wearing of a mask, fever screening, hand hygiene and adequate social distancing.

Why could we not just use other forms of disinfectants and measurements as mentioned above?

Coronaviruses spreads in several ways and most commonly by touching surfaces and handling objects. Although fluidbased solutions would help, surfaces needs to be disinfected regularly to stop the spread. Our way of disinfection is cost effective and eco friendly.

Should the isle disinfector and suitcase disinfection unit operators wear personal protective equipment?

The operator is completely shielded from the light by product design on both units.

How often does the units need to be serviced?