Here we have a extremely powerful surface disinfection unit that is wireless to make the use of this unit hassle free. Every movement around your supermarket isles, hotel passages, cruise ships and long halls is effortless with this battery powered cleaner. This unit exposes the strong UVC 254nm germination light to the sides, floor and ceiling up to 2500mm wide and 3000mm height. Those purposely placed positions effectively kills 99.99% of germs and viruses on your door handles, door surfaces, ceiling and floor within seconds.

This unit is ideal for use where surfaces are difficult to reach or just to extensive. Hotel passages, Cruise ships, Isles, Office buildings… This is a must have in larger buildings. The unit is operational efficient and non-labour intensive if compared with chemical spray applications.


  • • Mobile passage cleaner with extensions to ceiling
  • • Energy efficient
  • • 240 Watt of UVC 254 nm light
  • • Energy efficient
  • • Battery Operation (no cables)
  • • Fast, effective disinfection of passages and isles
  • • Low operational cost
  • • Powder coated Aluminum frame
  • • Dry process, no chemical sprays
  • • SABS approved materials used to build the unit
  • • Plug & Play system
  • • No Ozone forming


  • • Size 1000mm L x 400mm W x 1100mm H
  • • 8x 30 Watt UVC Light installed on the unit