UVC-Germstopper Inc. give quick and effective equipment, saving money and time, killing 99,99% of all germs effectively. No intensive labor and time consuming processes, causing down time and excessive expenditures.

Our unit consist of a Aluminium base construction powder coated finish for easy self cleaning and hygiene.

4 x 30 amp UVC germicidal UVC blue lights are fitted outside on the unit and 2 x 30 amp removable UVC extension fittings that is projecting a UVC blue light effectively all round the passage or room.

All round germicidal UVC a strong deep cycle UVC is projected around the room on the unit we cater for extender units that can be moved to separately clean other areas not effectively reached by the UV light and their by disinfection of the bathroom , Bedroom and kitchen are now possible at the same time with only one portable cart.
All controlled by timer based on room size and switched on and off by remote control.



All it need is a 30 second under the UVC lights to kill 99.9% bacteria and viruses.


The process is very user friendly and easy to use. All you need to do is roll trolleys into the trolley cleaner, close it. Push start and let the trolley cleaner works it magic.


With the trolley cleaner you will save money and time. No unnecessary chemicals for cleaning trolleys and you don’t have to hire extra labour.