Ward Disinfector Push-Unit

Our Ward disinfector built on the same design as the Isle Disinfector unit kills invisible germs on surfaces and products through innovative UVC light distribution across the store

  • • Full Powder coated Aluminum body
  • • High intensity UVC Germicidal radiation for the quick and effective irradiation of viruses and pathogens on all visible services.
  • • SABS approved materials made in South Africa
  • • Plug & Play system
  • • No Ozone forming
  • • Effective disinfection over the useful lifetime of Lamps
  • • Wireless operation for ease of operation.
  • • Automated Smart System for hassle free operation and safety
  • • High wattage for fast disinfection


KILLS 99.99%

UVC light is commonly known to kill bacteria and viruses within a very short period of time with 99.99% efficiency. We recommend operating the unit through each isle of the store after hours and according to our specified technical specifications.


The unit is very user friendly and an operator requires minimal operational training. The operator does not get exposed to UVC light. The unit is safe.


Apart from the initial capital outlay, the unit runs at minimal operating cost. No chemicals are used that are harmful to the environment.


The Isle Disinfector runs off battery technology.